Upcoming CE

UVMA Annual Conference

June 9-11, 2022

Park City Sheraton

Registration coming soon


15 Hours of CE Possible


The American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists is holding its annual scientific meeting in Snowbird, Utah, June 25-28, 2022.  For additional information on scheduled talks, see Meeting Schedule link or www.aavp.org.  Non-AAVP members can register to attend.  Most of the talks deal with veterinary parasites, deworming, GI and ectoparasite control and treatment, diagnostics, etc.  On June 26, 8:30-10 am, there will be a special section on drug-resistant canine hookworms.



Continuing Education 


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* for CE to be accepted in Utah it must meet approval from the following:

(a) Unlimited hours shall be recognized for continuing professional education as a student or presenter, completed in blocks of time of not less than one hour in formally established classroom courses, seminars, lectures, wet labs, or specific veterinary conferences approved or sponsored by one or more of the following:

(i) the American Veterinary Medical Association;

(ii) the Utah Veterinary Medical Association;

(iii) the American Animal Hospital Association;

(iv) the American Association of Equine Practitioners;

(v) the American Association of Bovine Practitioners;

(vi) certifying boards recognized by the AVMA;

(vii) other state veterinary medical associations or state licensing boards; or

(viii) the Registry of Continuing Education (RACE) of the AASVB.