UVMA Executive Director Job Opening


Utah Veterinary Medical Association Executive Director


Executive Board and UtahVMA Board


This is a part-time job and most of it can be done virtually. There will be some clerical work including calling and setting up appointments, arranging meetings, and coordinating many functions of the Utah Veterinary Medical Association and acting as contact point between the public and UtahVMA board. Responsibility for recording of proceedings of the Association, Board of Directors, and Executive Committee meetings and happenings.

Responsibility for distribution and the receipt of membership applications. Responsibility to maintain a membership file on all members, and to notify all members and veterinarians in Utah by the 10th of January of dues payable for the current calendar year. Receive all membership fees and dues and contributions and shall deposit it in a bank designated by the treasurer.

Responsibility to keep association members up to date on the current happenings of the association, actions of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, as well as State veterinary communications through periodic newsletters, emails, website updates and social media.


A qualified candidate should have had working exposure with some aspects of a business enterprise.  Successful supervisory experience is helpful but not required.  Hospital or veterinary experience would be preferred but not required.  Experience in Word, Excel, Power Point, Basic Web Design, Canva and Member Management Software (Wild Apricot) preferred.


High school degree required and college degree preferred.


The successful candidate must be intelligent, self-confident, energetic, and self-motivated. He or she must be sufficiently adaptable to operate effectively in different roles with a variety of people within and outside the association.

The qualified candidate must possess a high degree of general business acumen. He or she must also be attuned to the variables which make for successful association management. He or she must be creative, yet able to develop and implement practical programs. He or she must possess sound judgment and the willingness and capability for making decisions and following the UVMA Board’s recommendations. He or she must be interested in contributing substantively to successful association performance and growth. 


  • Provides counsel to Utah VMA’s executive board and committee members in matters that deal with associations growth and development.
  • Become familiar with the Utah VMA Constitution and By Laws as well as laws governing veterinary medicine in Utah (Utah Veterinary Medical Practice Act & Rule, Controlled Substance Practice Act, ect) and advise the board on current regulations and rules.
  • Handle public inquires via telephone and email.
  • On every other year basis setting up and coordinating a 3-day continuing education meeting currently being held in Moab, UT. Known as Canyon Lands Veterinary Conference (CLVC).
  • On the opposite year from the CLVC to set up an annual membership meeting with Continuing Education.
  • Willing to serve at least three years in this position. Takes about 10-15 hours per week with more during annual membership meetings, Board meetings, and CLVC.
  • Willing to travel (expenses paid up to $1500/year) to at least one regional or national veterinary or executive director meeting per year representing the Utah Veterinary Medical Association.
  • When traveling around the state, make strong effort to visit veterinarian practices representing the Utah VMA.
  • Ensures the timely preparation of meeting minutes and other needed statements.
  • Acts as immediate contact with the district representatives.
  • Act as support for Utah VMA Committees
  • Assists in the investigation, analysis, and appraisal of association expansion activities.
  • Additional duties as assigned by the executive board


Needs to have office space for phone, computer, and fax along with storage space for past UVMA records, supplies and file cabinet.


Please send resume (including office skills, education, job experience, professional organization & volunteer information, etc.), 2 professional references, and a letter of intent by April 10, 2021 to Dr. Jane Kelly at Jane.Kelly@usu.edu